I sleep much better and I am much calmer at work

Teresa V.
primary school teacher

I use it with my son. No more problems with math homework.

Ruth T.
primary school teacher

It is much easier to do my homework now.

9 years old

Sometimes I startle by how calm the class is after PACE.

Matilda P.
primary school teacher

It helps me not be anxious during tests.

10 year old

Reading is now easy!

8 years old

It has only been three weeks and I already notice more classroom participation. I am amazed!

Edith C.
primary school teacher

Some of my more difficult kids are opening up and start asking for advice. It’s been one month since I started using these Brain Gym movements.

Katarina M.
secondary school teacher

My stomach no longer hurts during tests.

11 years old

My students are happier and I have more energy at the end of the day!

Daniela T.
primary school teacher

After one week of using the Brain Gym movements the students are asking for them.

Manuel A
secondary school teacher

My mind doesn’t fly of so much when I do the Owl exercise!

12 years old

I feel more confident when under pressure

Sebastian V.
secondary school teacher

I like Arm Activation! It makes writing easier.

7 years old

My favorite movement is Double Doodle. I have many new ideas after that!

10 years old

I showed PACE to my brother, sister and parents. Now we do it all together in the morning.

14 years old