I sleep much better and I am much calmer at work

Teresa V.
primary school teacher

I use it with my son. No more problems with math homework.

Ruth T.
primary school teacher

It is much easier to do my homework now.

9 years old

Sometimes I startle by how calm the class is after PACE.

Matilda P.
primary school teacher

It helps me not be anxious during tests.

10 year old

Reading is now easy!

8 years old

It has only been three weeks and I already notice more classroom participation. I am amazed!

Edith C.
primary school teacher

Some of my more difficult kids are opening up and start asking for advice. It’s been one month since I started using these Brain Gym movements.

Katarina M.
secondary school teacher

My stomach no longer hurts during tests.

11 years old

My students are happier and I have more energy at the end of the day!

Daniela T.
primary school teacher

After one week of using the Brain Gym movements the students are asking for them.

Manuel A
secondary school teacher

My mind doesn’t fly of so much when I do the Owl exercise!

12 years old

I feel more confident when under pressure

Sebastian V.
secondary school teacher

I like Arm Activation! It makes writing easier.

7 years old

My favorite movement is Double Doodle. I have many new ideas after that!

10 years old

I showed PACE to my brother, sister and parents. Now we do it all together in the morning.

14 years old

Balance Buttons are fun and I don’t get sick in the bus now!

Paulo Cesar
13 years old

When I do PACE and some Brain Gym movements before I walk into my classroom I can leave my family issues at home and focus on my work.

Carlota L.
secondary school teacher

Loud voices don’t scare me as much now!

8 years old

It is easier to remember what I have studied when I do PACE and the Grounder

15 years old

I wanted to work on the reading difficulties my students had. I used PACE and Lazy 8s for 6 weeks every day. I am amazed at the improvements I see.

Maria José C
primary school teacher

Now I can play football with my friends and I am not afraid of the ball

8 years old

I thought these exercises were stupid! But since we started doing them in class, I had my first A in writing! Now I remind the teacher to do them if she forgets.

7 years old

Writing is not as tiring now and my letters are prettier.

8 years old

I have noticed a clearer structure and more organized thought process in my students after three months of using those Brain Gym movements.

Marcela B.
primary school teacher

I don’t get as angry anymore.

12 years old

Students cooperate better between them and the class is quieter.

Marlyn D
primary school teacher

I find school more interesting when I do these movements and it is easier to concentrate.

14 years old

Homework is no longer a fight at home!

Paula B.
primary school teacher and mom

Positive Points is the only thing that helps my grand-daughter settle down! The only thing!

Laura C
primary school principal

I sleep much better and I am much calmer at work

Teresa V.
primary school teacher

I very hesitantly started using  PACE in my classroom. I am a high school teacher and was wondering what the reaction of my students might be.

Much to my surprise after a few days not only did they love doing PACE but whenever I was forgetting it they were actually asking for it! It brought a new sense of concentration and calmness in the classroom and gave me more time for teaching instead of trying to discipline the class.

Heleni P.
High School teacher

I am an English teacher and give private classes. One day I went to a class with 8 year old Michael. His parents had just had a fight and he had quarreled with his brother. He was distraught and in no mood for a class.

I urged him to do PACE with me. I was amazed at the results! Five minutes later he was sitting upright in his chair, his eyes were beaming and he was eager to start! What a difference! I left him with the PACE sequence on a piece of paper. When I saw him again the following week he said he was doing them every time he felt upset and it helped him calm down and study.

Tatiana G.
English and yoga teacher

I have been doing the PACE with my pre-schoolers for one week. I have noticed a considerable increase in their concentration abilities. They are very much engaged in what we do and even if the door of the classroom is open and the other kids are in a break my own students can still focus on what we are doing.

Chrisanthi B.
Kindergarten teacher

Since I did the Brain Gym1 training with Maria – I did it with my 15 year old daughter – we do it every day before leaving for school.

Once we were running late and thought of doing it but then said nothing. My daughter reminded me to do it and of course we did! It give us time with each other, help me be more focused in whatever I need to do during the day and I can see it helps Dimitra study better and keep a positive outlook on things.

Vassiliki X.,
Accountant and a mother