I studied English Literature at the University of Athens, Greece. Always fascinated by foreign languages in parallel I studied French and Italian and then to make these assets more “marketable” I did my first MA in International Public Relations. Little has stayed with me since that time but the taste of working in a multicultural and multinational environment speaking various languages. So, when I was accepted in the aptitude test of the European Commission for Conference Interpreters I was really excited! My DEAs in Conference Interpreting and Translation further strengthened this initial love affair with the charms and seduction of my left brain!

I worked for several years as an Interpreter for the Greek Language section and it was during those years in Brussels that I got to know, as a client, Specialized Kinesiology. I feel this was a turning point. You see, I was not looking for a job! I was happy with the one I had while I felt there was definitely something missing. What caught my attention were the very real changes I and others around me noticed during the year I was working with my kinesiologist in Brussels. These changes inspired me enough or I should say got me curious enough as to enrol in my first ever course in kinesiology in what is called 3in1 Concepts.

That was it…curiosity keeps me going ever since along with the many changes I can and do see with those I now and for the last many years work with. To be honest it feels like a very natural continuation from what I was doing: just another form of interpreting and a different, more universal by far, language.

I had nearly completed my track to becoming a Consultant for 3in1Concepts when I got across Edu K and Brain Gym. I was totally seduced by how it gave me easy-to-work-with tools to support myself in my everyday life. I thought that for my existential or “profound” questions I could always seek help from the specialists but for my everyday challenges I really wanted something I could use myself.


This is how I approach my own teaching of Brain Gym®101 now. Although using muscle testing a lot in private sessions, I do tend to put more emphasis on self-noticing during my seminars and encourage participants to start paying attention to the many messages their bodies give them. I guess what they say is true: you teach what you need to learn.


Also, what I love about Brain Gym and noticing is that on the one hand it gives you the chance to face you own often self-imposed limitations while on the other it gives you the tools to transform them! Movement is a vital key to learning and growth.

I have trained in many other branches of specialized kinesiology always keeping the “educational” model Edu K is built on. I am an Intern for International Faculty at Brain Gym International now aptly renamed Breakthroughs International.